Update on SAOPA activities and Offer to join SAOPA by paying for only 6 months

With Covid-19 just about consuming our lives, it is hard to believe that we are halfway through the year.  However, this has also brought about opportunity to MOP practitioners to capitalize on tasks and catch up on many fronts.
SAOPA has been actively working during the past months in achieving its core function of being a reputable, trustworthy representation for MOP practitioners despite several, sometimes intense distractions. Having dealt with many issues that have stood in the way on SAOPA’s pressing tasks, it can finally be said that momentum is building and the proverbial train has finally left the station!  Some of the latest ongoing efforts include the following

  • Compiling of coding surveys for member input currently being internally tested
  • Coding workgroups for specific groupers e.g. AFO and Trans tibial prosthesis finalising drafts for member participation
  • Guideline development e.g. custom liner
  • Coding and clinical look-up tools activation
  1. COIDA
  • Partnering with COIDA to assist in concluding legacy payments through coordinated application process
  • Amended and new code submission process, deadlines thereof, and interim arrangements
  • Confirmation of conditions of payment direction
  • NAPPI and associated tariff application/policy update
  • In-hospital treatment review for inclusion of MOP services in hospital benefit.  Finalisation of surveys for member input
  • PMB prosthetic component baskets
  • Draft in preparation and NEC review for 1st round of circulation to membership for comment.

The above is testimony to the continued collaborative efforts of the SAOPA leadership to assist in supporting MOP practitioners and guiding our profession to an inevitable need for a paradigm shift in our thinking of how we work and bill.

What is arguably the most important in understanding SAOPA’s offering is that  SAOPA is a professional representative body for the gain and benefit of all registered MOP practitioners as opposed to a service provider with offering for personal benefit.

If you have not renewed membership, now is the perfect opportunity to have a voice that is accepted by industry! 


  • Joining from July entitles you to FULL benefits for HALF the price:
Private Practitioner Owner (PPO)R 6 330.00
Private Employed Practitioner (PEP)R    919.00
General / Government Employed Practitioner (GEP)R    919.00
Assistant and Technician (ATA)R    919.00
Non-Practicing MOPR 1 375.00
StudentR    231.00
  • Additionally, if you join before the end of July 2020 you qualify for a further 5% discount on membership fees.