A warm welcome to our new board members!

Board Members: Adrian Singh (Chairperson) , Allan Oates, Bradley Beckerleg (Vice-Chairperson), Carla Potgieter, Darryl Grobbelaar, Grant Monaghan, Jayson Chin (Treasurer), Mike Barkley, Rowan Berkowitz. (Missing from the photo: Allan Oates & Mike Barkley)

Your new SAOPA board has been appointed!

Meet each board member here over the weeks that follow. Your new board has set itself the goal of leading SAOPA into a new era. In doing so, board members remain committed to the important task of helping SAOPA promote ethical and professional O&P service delivery. It is our passion to set a high standard of patient care through technology education, research, knowledge, advocacy and collaboration.

  • Adrian Singh  (Chairperson)
  • Allan Oates
  • Bradley Beckerleg   (Vice-Chairperson)
  • Carla Potgieter
  • Darryl Grobbelaar
  • Grant Monaghan
  • Jayson Chin  (Treasurer)
  • Mike Barkley
  • Rowan Berkowitz

A good board is a victory, not a gift.

Contact us at info@saopa.co.za for more information.

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