SAOPA Member Figures Update – 5 March 2021

SAOPA Membership Figures Dear Colleagues Current membership stands at 54 Private Practice Owners 37 Privately Employed Practitioners 4 Medical O&P (non-practicing) Current TOTAL: 95 (Feb webinar registration lists an additional 11 practitioners who have yet to finalise membership) A big thank you to those who have already renewed their membership, we value your support. To […]

SAOPA Clarity on Communication Categorization

SAOPA Clarity on Communication Categorization Dear Colleagues SAOPA has and will continue to improve our communication with members. As there are different tiers of  membership within SAOPA, please note that the various categories of membership allow access to different levels of information. A Private Practice Owner (PPO) will receive all levels of communication. A Privately […]

SAOPA Meetings Update – 4 March 2021

SAOPA Stakeholder Meetings Update Dear Colleagues Yesterday (3 March) we had two very successful engagements with RAF followed by AOPA: Firstly, SAOPA finally managed to secure a meeting with the RAF where the main objective was to re-open communication and re-establish relationships. Discussions centred around: updating the Tariff list the importance of professional fees and […]

SAOPA Register – COVID Vaccination Risk Categories

SAOPA Register – COVID Vaccination Risk Categories Dear Colleagues, The South African Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (SAOPA) is compiling a registry to prioritise risk levels regarding expose to the Covid-19 virus. This by no means replaces the existing national register, but serves to act alongside it in the case of additional vaccines becoming available and needing […]

SAOPA Invitation – PMA Workshop – Webinar

Practice Management Application Join us for the next webinar/workshop in the series for 2021.  This month we are hosting a few PMA presentations followed by a Q&A session from attendees. Date:  Monday, 22 February 2021Time:  10:00 – 11:30 Programme: 10h00 – 10h05    Welcome   –   Heather McCrae 10h05 – 10h30    EZMed by SpesNet/ProfNet   –   Marinda Strydom               10h30 – […]

SAOPA Member Newsletter – February 2021

Effects of activity intensity, time, and intermittent doffing on daily limb fluid volume change in people with transtibial amputation. Study Shows Heel Lifts Affect Biomechanics, Muscle Function Funder News Member Enquiries MPI cover with SAOPA membership Please note that Medical Practice Insurance is no longer covered through your SAOPA membership, however a 10% discount on your MPI cover […]

SAOPA Update

SAOPA Update Dear Colleagues Our first SAOPA NEC meeting of 2021 was held yesterday evening. We have determined the portfolios for 2021 as: 1. Coding & Categorisation (Grant & Rowan)2. Public Funders (Darryl & Grant)3. Private Funders (Kirsten & Richard)4. Peer Review & Ethics (Brad & Jayson)5. Communication & Membership (Brad & Jayson) These are […]


We recognize that 2020 has been a tough year full of challenges in many areas, including financially. As such, instead of a blanket increase of membership fees across the board, only the Privately Employed Practitioner (PEP) membership fee will be increased by 4.5%. This is specifically to assist the smaller practices. We rely on you, […]

Annual General Meeting Feedback

Annual General Meeting Feedback Thank you to Members and Practitioners who joined us for our Workshop and Annual General Meeting on Monday, 30th November 2020. We appreciate your participation and your ongoing support. We are pleased to share the outcome of the various resolution voting as follows: 1. Annual Financial Statements for 2020 – approved 2. Revised […]