Dear Colleagues

SAOPA has been tasked by Workmans Compensation Fund to provide a report highlighting current concerns and shortfalls  that MOP’s are experiencing with the COIDA gazette, protocols and systems.

Requests for detailed submissions have been made by SAOPA to 15 designated practices who will be providing their feedback shortly. We would however like to have further input from the broader spectrum of practitioners.

Should you want to raise any additional concerns please forward an e-mail directly to the SAOPA office at using the subject line “COIDA Submission”. Please note that communication needs to reach our office by no later than 12h00 Monday 16th August 2021. Please keep wording as concise as possible.

The following questions are in the survey and you may need to do some research before completing

  1. List a maximum of 5 professional codes/procedures you would want added to the gazette
  2. List a maximum of 5 new products you would want added to the gazette
  3. List the products you believe should be removed from the gazette
  4. List the procedures you believe should be removed from the gazette
  5. Provide your most frustrating submission process
  6. State what COIDA improvements have most benefitted your practice

Your feedback and assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated, and will make for a better submission, and attain a process that is both beneficial to practitioners our patients and the commissioner.

Thanking you in advance