SAOPA: EO Appointment Clarification!

Dear SAOPA Members,

Despite not being privy to the discussions on the CPO Forum group, it has come to my attention that much confusion and uncertainty exist over the executive officer position legitimacy and function.  In order to provide you with context and facts , kindly find the attached proposal that was presented to the outgoing SAOPA executive committee of 2018/2019 consisting of Adrian Singh, Marius Moolman, Rupert Nagel, Eugene Rossouw and myself on the 9th of September 2019.  Supplementary to the reasons provided in the proposal, it was also taken into consideration that at the time no nominees were received  to serve on the executive committee for the 2019/2020 term, apart from two existing executive members who made themselves available for re-election.  

During a video conference executive meeting that took place on the 9th of September 2019 it was unanimously decided (apart from Rupert Nagel who tendered his apologies for not being able to attend the meeting),  by Adrian Singh, Marius Moolman, Eugene Rossouw and myself that it would serve in the best interest of the association to accept the proposal and present it to members at the 2019 AGM for acceptance and approval.  At the AGM that took place at a SAOPA CPD event at the Discovery offices in Sandton on the 13th of September 2019 the proposal was presented to membership.  Apart from two members that abstained, it was unanimously accepted and approved.

Consequently the new SAOPA leadership were elected and appointed and during the inaugural meeting in November 2019 a decision was taken not to advertise the position of “part-time executive position” as referred to in the proposal, but to offer it to me, which I accepted.  I have, since September 2019, aimed to fulfil the duties as set out as best as I can within the available resources.  I have been paid an amount of R40 000.00 at a rate of R10 000.00 per month retrospectively from October 2019 up to January 2020.  Since then, I have not received any remuneration as the association simply cannot afford it.  However, I continue to serve and assist as best I can as I believe the current leadership should not be held liable for decisions wrong or right of the past.  I see and experience how you go out of your way to continue to find solutions for dynamic, compound and complex challenges.

Perhaps I should use this opportunity to express my concern for our profession and practitioners and the unfortunate projection of myself as the “enemy” fuelled by half-truths and encouraging practitioner anxiety and uncertainty in an already difficult and challenging time.  The fact of the matter is that the common enemy is, not coding, not communication, not training and education nor service providers or the lack of any of these but a divide of our beautiful profession, exposing practitioners, making them vulnerable.  All the whilst handing the rudder to role-players and entities with ulterior motives.   Similar challenges have always existed within our space in different formats and during different times of MOP evolution, but can be overcome through hard work, endurance, debate, collaboration, creativity and care for each other.  

In my mind practitioners should set aside their differences and focus on how best to adapt to the inevitable changes.  Rather than be blinded and distracted by matters than only consume energy but is of no value to our profession or our members and their practices.

I trust the above information and attached copies of meeting minutes and working documents will assist in providing clarity and put a stop to speculation, hear-say and assumptions.  In all my years of being involved in the leadership of the association, I am not aware of any decision or action being taken intentionally or deliberately to inflict harm to anybody, let alone its members.

Wishing you continued success and well-being steering the SAOPA ship.

Best regards,

SAOPA Executive Office