Dear Colleagues,

It is with a heavy heart and much appreciation that we bid Heather McCrae farewell as she exits her position as SAOPA’s COO.  Heather agreed to assist our association on very short notice and has excelled in this position. She will be sorely missed by all of us and we wish her only the very best for her future endeavors. The advertised position yielded a highly qualified group of applicants for the interview process, thank you to those that applied. After considering all applicants, the NEC appointed Adri Botha to take over as COO from August 2021.  Adri has more than 25 years of experience in business management and administration.  In view of her extensive involvement with industry representative bodies, her career focus shifted to providing support to professional bodies in an administrative and operational capacity.  Adri is systems and process orientated and has the necessary skills and proven experience to engage on multiple levels both internally and externally for the organizations she represents, these organizations currently include the community pharmaceutical association of South Africa. Adri has teamed up with Sonja Fourie, who is similarly capable and experienced, and has extensive knowledge of events management and will provide back-office support to Adri. We believe that Adri as commitment to the position of COO ably assisted by Sonja, will help ensure continuity to the work initiated by Heather and the NEC.

Adri Botha

Sonja Fourie
In Adri’s own words:  “Although I do not have any technical or practical O&P experience, I am pleased to now be involved in what is proving to be an exceptional and intricate profession. It is my hope that, with the support of the NEC and Sonja, I will be able to soon fill the very capable shoes of Heather and be an asset in backing the NEC and members in working towards a shared vision and the professions’ wellbeing.” On behalf of SAOPA and all the members, we welcome Adri and we look forward to a long successful working relationship.

Sincerely, SAOPA NEC