Herewith a summary of the president’s address to the nation about the coronavirus:

National state of disaster declared . Rapid effective response system

  1. Limit contact with infected
  2. Travel ban on foreigners from high risk countries as of 18th March. Visas cancelled.
  3. SA residents to avoid travel to high risk countries.
  4. Travel alerts will be issued based in risk level.
  5. SA citizens returning from high risk area self-quarantine.
  6. Medium risk country travel to b subjected to testing.
  7. 72 ports of entry . 35 to be shut down. 2 sea port to be closed .
  8. Domestic travel discouraged.
  9. Gathering of more than 100 prohibited.
  10. Small gathering organizer must have a plan.
  11. Schools to close on Wed till after Easter holidays.
  12. Tertiary institutions to be consulted.
  13. All businesses to ensure they intensify measure re hygiene control.
  14. Shopping malls to ensure hygiene control measures.
  15. Increase capacity of hospitals.
  16. Monitoring system
  17. Mass campaign to educate.
  18. Minimize physical contact.
  19. Funding available to reinforce the systems introduced.
  20. National Command Council to meet 3 x per week.