SAOPA Website E-Advertising Rate Card

Did you know that 98% of more than 500 Orthotist and Prosthetists, as well as more than 300 Orthotist and Prosthetists students, can be reached through electronic media? And did you know that through e-advertising with SAOPA you are reaching the profession with the highest personal and professional buying power?

A recent salary survey by an independent international recruitment consultancy found that Orthotist and Prosthetists are, on average, the highest paid professionals in South Africa. Orthotist and Prosthetists hold influential positions in the health care community, government and academic institutions. Their responsibilities cover clients such as children born with congenital limb deficiency or cerebral palsy, people who have had an amputation following an accident, patients with muscular weakness after a stroke or spinal injury, patients with diabetic foot ulcers or the elderly who have lost a limb as a result of vascular disease.

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