SAOPA Clarity on Communication Categorization

Dear Colleagues

SAOPA has and will continue to improve our communication with members. As there are different tiers of  membership within SAOPA, please note that the various categories of membership allow access to different levels of information.

A Private Practice Owner (PPO) will receive all levels of communication.

A Privately Employed Practitioner (PEP), will not be sent all information regarding practice management and  specific detailed billing processes. An example would be the communication sent out yesterday to PPOs regarding the special Discovery Health PMB payment query email address for our members.

The PPO membership is substantially more expensive than the other membership types and thus has access to all communications. All private practices should have 1 registered PPO and all others in the practice are PEP registered.

If you are unsure of who in the practice receives these PPO comms, please update your contact details on the members’ portal under your profile.

We encourage all members to update their contact details and are reminded that you need to have the SAOPA whatsapp number saved on your designated phone in order to receive broadcasts (SAOPA broadcast 0671252647).

SAOPA appreciates and values your membership, regardless of the category you belong too. Together we will be stronger!!!


Heather McCrae


Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity  – Nat Turner