SAOPA Stakeholder Meetings Update

Dear Colleagues

Yesterday (3 March) we had two very successful engagements with RAF followed by AOPA:

Firstly, SAOPA finally managed to secure a meeting with the RAF where the main objective was to re-open communication and re-establish relationships.

Discussions centred around:

  • updating the Tariff list
  • the importance of professional fees and the services surrounding that
  • approvals and criteria concerning mechatronics
  • early settlement discounts
  • streamlining of authorization and payment processes

There is work to be done, but our concerns have been tabled and both parties were happy to be resuming the relationship and are committed to moving forward to resolve issues for the benefit of all. We will keep you updated with all developments in this regard.

 Our second meeting of the day was with AOPA (Australian Orthotic & Prosthetic Association).

There are exciting prospects in this regard. AOPA is committed to assisting SAOPA in our coding project and sharing information as they have recently been through a very similar situation but we will be elaborating on this in the near future.

Have a fantastic weekend……


Heather McCrae