SAOPA Membership Figures

Dear Colleagues

Current membership stands at

  • 54 Private Practice Owners
  • 37 Privately Employed Practitioners
  • 4 Medical O&P (non-practicing)
  • Current TOTAL: 95

(Feb webinar registration lists an additional 11 practitioners who have yet to finalise membership)

A big thank you to those who have already renewed their membership, we value your support.

To those who have not yet signed up or renewed SAOPA membership, we ask that you please consider supporting your association to represent your profession.

We need membership numbers to be show professional representation when we engage with stakeholders like medical aids, WCA and RAF. We need your financial support to provide support and services and to enlist the support of consultants ,when required, to ensure that we achieve the goals set by the NEC to fulfill the expectations set by you, the practitioners.

IN 2021 –

  • engagements with major stakeholders have resumed;
  • communication has improved (and will continue to do so);
  • a dedicated Chief Operating Officer has been appointed;
  • the Coding project is gaining momentum;
  • monthly informative webinars are in place;
  • and we continue to address your concerns.

Now it is time for you to do your part by showing your support through SAOPA membership….

GO to ……. And sign up now

Together we are stronger


Heather McCrae