SAOPA Update

Dear Colleagues

Our first SAOPA NEC meeting of 2021 was held yesterday evening. We have determined the portfolios for 2021 as:

1. Coding & Categorisation (Grant & Rowan)
2. Public Funders (Darryl & Grant)
3. Private Funders (Kirsten & Richard)
4. Peer Review & Ethics (Brad & Jayson)
5. Communication & Membership (Brad & Jayson)

These are the priority portfolios and will be our focus. We will be calling on the O&P community to assist the NEC on serving on committees for the above as well as representing on other matters.

We have compiled a list of volunteers from the Unity discussion and CPO Forum who will be contacted in the coming weeks. If you would like to make yourself available, but have not signed up (or are uncertain if you are on the list) please email your details and areas of interest to

Working together for a stronger inclusive profession

Heather McCrae