After last night’s announcement, here are the important aspects for health sector stakeholders under Adjusted Level 4:

  • To work in curfew (21:00 – 04:00) and to travel outside Gauteng, these two permits must be used: Work in Curfew / Travel into or outside Gauteng. Travel by air can take place within curfew hours, but proof in the from of a boarding pass must be retained. Inter-provincial travel with Gauteng is generally (save for as per the permit for essential work or funerals) prohibited. One can also travel to move residence.
  • All gatherings are prohibited – work (unless necessary), social, religious (with exception of funerals as controlled) (reg 21). According to Table 1 “all persons who are able to work from home must do so”. Our template work from home policy is here.
  • Face masks are mandatory in all settings, and no more than 50% of the floor space can be occupied – with a notice to that effect being required to be placed at the premises. This means that one should carefully consider floor space in practices, including waiting rooms. Non-compliance is a criminal offence (regs 15B and 21).
  • Special arrangements must still be made in relation to vulnerable employees (reg 15B(9(e)). We have a template report by a medical practitioner to this effect that employees could submit to employers and doctors can use.
  • Covid-19 Compliance Officers (CCO’s) have under reg 16 the duties to ensure the Annexure E plans (for companies and for practices) and all stipulated measures, also under the Employment Directions, are in place, adhered to and enforced. The Plan must be available for inspection by DoEL inspectors.
  • Universities will be closed for contact sessions from 30 June 2021 (reg 18).
  • Accommodation is open, including dining on-site, but is limited to 50% occupancy (reg 21(12)).
  • Gyms, taverns, cinemas, libraries, etc. are closed (reg 24). The sale of liquor and its transportation is prohibited (reg 29)
  • Visits to health facilities are “permitted” (as under levels 1 and 3), oddly so “except to receive treatment”, but subject to ministerial directions (reg 25).

Borders and cargo rules are as per level 3, as is travel by bus and taxi.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further support!

Please stay safe!!!

Elsabe & Team