Update on Discovery Health’s network rates;

Further to our recent communication that included information about Discovery Health’s look-up tool for component and material prices, we have become aware that the tool is not working properly and that practitioners need to find alternative ways to determine the correct prices in order to quote and bill patients.

At the moment, the Virtual Quote tool on Discovery’s provider portal is not functioning. Medicine Advisor is live, but some prices are incorrect. 

Therefore, it is SAOPA’s opinion that Discovery Network’s rates for NAPPI-coded products are non-existent until further notice.

Furthermore, SAOPA is provisionally of the opinion that the Discovery Network-indicated rates for components and materials are not enforceable until their system has been rectified. We are consulting with our legal advisors in this regard and will keep you informed.

For now, we advise you to use the list prices in your Medprax or similar price files that you might be subscribing to. Most subscription-based price files automatically add a percentage-derived facility or handling fee to the list price. 

Please direct any queries you may have to info@saopa.co.za