Vaccination Update

V4HCW Breaking News

The following vaccination sites are now open for OOH HCW booking.

GP  : Netcare Milpark 
GP  : Mediclinic Medforum
KZN : Mediclinic PMB
KZN : Netcare St Augustines
WC   : Melomed Gatesville 

Please schedule your appointment –

Let’s recap

1. Make a booking online If a site is not listed, it means there is no slot available. 
If you have an NF as your hpcsa check, you need to contact your association (contacts are listed at the bottom of the page) 

2. Wait for an econsent SMS to be sent to you. Can take up to 24 hours or longer. Complete the econsent process. 

3. All old vouchers are no longer valid.

4. All new voucher start with S2-…

5. If your new voucher SMS comes with a venue, date or time, ignore the venue date and time, but keep thr voucher. 

6. Your booking venue, date and time is the same as from step 1.

7. Check the booking site (step 1) daily as the site usually updates any changes to your appointment  8. If you go to a vaccination site without a booking from us, you will be turned away. We send a rostor to each site daily which is used as their gatekeeper.