RAF – Published Medical Tariffs

On the 19th August 2022, the Minister of Transport, in terms of section 26 of the Road Accident Fund, published Medical tariffs for 2021/22 – including now for the first time the Orthotics and Prosthetics section. SAOPA, and to our knowledge the public, have not been afforded the opportunity to view, or comment on, these tariffs pre-publication. The SAOPA RAF Committee has an upcoming meeting scheduled and comments on this publication will be drafted and submitted to them.

In the meantime, as this is now an official publication which came into immediate effect, we share the following message from the RAF with you in the hope that it will in the interim assist you in managing claims or queries:

“Dear Medical Service Provider and Client

The RAF Medical Tariff has recently been published by the Department of Transport and is now ready for implementation with immediate effect. The RAF Medical tariff will be applicable to medical expenses incurred as of 19/08/2022. The published tariff document is available on the RAF website and can be accessed through the link below:

http://www.raf.co.za/Pages/Default.aspx or https://www.raf.co.za/Media-Center/RAF Media Statements/RAF Medical Tariff – GG No 11473 of 19 August 2022.pdf

Going forward the tariff will be subjected to an annual review, and the newly published rates will be made available on the RAF website as well as the RAFZIN portal. All queries related to the tariff must be forwarded to the following e-mail address: tariffqueries@raf.co.za

Queries around specific claims and tariffs applicable can be routed to cptundertakings@raf.co.za

We advise our medical service providers to request upfront pre-authorization prior to consulting RAF claimants.”


Other News

SAOPA Student Program

SAOPA offers a unique opportunity for fourth-year O&P students to participate in our new student program. This program allows students to become sponsored Student Members of the association, giving them access to resources and networking opportunities within the industry. Additionally, the program provides students with the chance to showcase their work by submitting it for publication on the SAOPA learning platform where peers can access it. This program is an excellent way for students to gain exposure to the orthotics and prosthetics industry, further their education, and network with professionals in the field.

National Executive Committee

Please meet the NEC as elected during November 2022. We thank them for their service and assure them of our support and goodwill.