All Orthotists and Prosthetists are registered with Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) which is the regulatory body that is mandated to deal with and act on complaints against practitioners.  The HPCSA has implemented an online complaints management system for ease of lodging complaints and tracing your complaint.  Please lodge your complaint by clicking on the following link –

You will be required to register a profile before you can lodge a complaint to allow for follow-up and confirmation.  Please do not leave a space between numbers when capturing a mobile numbers or landline numbers.

You are advised to follow the below guide as you lodge your complaint on the Online platform:

  • Provide details of the registered practitioner you wish to lodge a complaint against
  • Please do not provide a practice name but the name and the surname of the practitioner
  • Details a comprehensive detail of the complaint, including all relevant dates and facts as well as any supporting documents
  • Attach a copy of your ID
  • In a case where the complainant is not the patient, the ID copy/Birth certificate of the patient must be attached
  • Attach a power of attorney/affidavit signed by the patient authorizing you if you are lodging a complaint on behalf of another person/patient;
  • In a case where the patient is deceased, attach a copy of death certificate. 

If you have any questions for them beforehand, you can send an email to or visit their website at

Medical Schemes & Funders

Any beneficiary or any person who is aggrieved with the conduct of a medical scheme can submit a complaint. It is however very important to note that a prospective complainant should always first seek to resolve complaints through the complaints mechanisms in place at the respective medical scheme before approaching the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) for assistance.

Complaints can be submitted to the CMS by filling in the online form or visiting their website at

The Council for Medical Schemes governs the medical schemes industry and therefore your complaint should be related to your medical scheme. If your complaint is related to any other aspect of the health industry, please follow the links below:

Source: CMS Website